Doing Business with  business with organizations from India or China,

its managers must quickly become adept at many new skills such as

  • cross-cultural communications

  • dealing with colleagues who are 8-12 time zones away

  • business practices that may seem odd to European and American but are routine in Asia

  • concerns about complying with European and American laws and international practices

  • distributed product development, distributed marketing, customer service

  • travel to a completely unfamiliar place

We offer  expert guidance these area as well as in the business of selling to and buying from Asian cultures.

We have been providing inspection and supply management services in India & China for over 10 years. The company has been witness to the development of India and China firsthand and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the suppliers. 

We perform quality control checks throughout all manufacturing processes. After the production process, we inspect the appearance, quality, and safety of all final products in the pre-shipment inspection and supervise the loading process by recording relevant information such as arrival time of container, the condition of the outer packaging, and perform random sampling the products.

We have developed effective management and control systems to ensure

the integrity of service is not compromised in any way