Great Opportunities exist in Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech, Industrial Goods, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Human Resources, Construction, Software and Telecommunications and many other industries.

Companies seeking Topline Growth today must look carefully at India and China where consumer and infrastructure spending continue to rise at 10-14% in many sectors and at much higher rates in specific industries.

  We Supports you in your various need

  To expand into these markets

   Scope the market landscape

  Participate in sales presentation to their prospects

Develop business plans for entry or expansion

Develop complete marketing plans

Determine which employees to send offshore as expatriates

Select in-market senior executives as well as find search firms for other personnel.

Raise capital for joint ventures, from Asian and Western sources

Find and match distributors, dealers, agents, or joint venture partners

Select in-market firms for legal, accounting, advertising and public relations

Address concerns about product adaptation, repatriation of profits, and local practices.