Stop worrying about the suffering from THINNING 

LaserComb is a low-level laser device, which is designed for individual use at home.  Developed in Sydney Australia and highlighted by TIME Magazine as one of the ‘Inventions of the Year’, the LaserComb is a high quality FDA Classified cosmetic device using precision components. It is manufactured and patented in the USA with other patents pending in 104 countries.~NOW IN INDIA~

The LaserComb offers the same Laser hair technology as clinics use around the world. Many clinics charge as much as Rs 3500 for a 6-month course of low level laser therapy.  The LaserComb is a breakthrough because it is an affordable, one-time purchase that you can use at home, whenever and wherever you want to!


LaserComb works for both men and women

With over 15 years of clinical experience, the results we have seen with Laser used in HairMax are both exciting and impressive. Our direct experience shows that both men and women of all ages respond with positive benefits with Low Level Laser therapy. Our customers age range from 18 to the late 80s.

How Lasercomb works

The LaserComb sends nourishing laser light energy into your hair to revitalize it and improve its condition through the process known as PhotoBioStimulation. Your hair will thicken, strengthen and become healthier with better quality. It’s that simple! The end result is that your hair will flourish and you may start to like your hair again!

As we all know, skin cells 'like' light. Your hair is no different. Through the scientific principles of 'Photo-Bio-Stimulation', Low-Level Laser therapy progressively improves the quality, strength and thickness of your hair over time. Indeed, international experiences and studies of the results of Low-Level Cold Beam Laser go far beyond those that are described here.

Results for Individuals vary, but within the first 5 to 10 weeks, you should notice early general improvements or activation of your hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalizing of scalp condition, shinier and thicker hair. Then, over the next few months, you may notice your hair gradually becoming fuller, stronger and denser. Also, as your scalp gets healthier, you may notice less dandruff and scalp irritation. Over time, all users - men and women - usually notice progressively increasing benefits as they use their LaserComb. Conversely, once the usage stops, our experience is that hair and scalp conditions gradually regress back to where they were. Like brushing your teeth to maintain healthy teeth & gums, regular Lasercomb usage is recommended. As little as  twice a week for 10 minutes is sufficient to achieve results over time. 

Easy to use
Just pass the HairMax LaserComb slowly over your scalp for ten minutes, twice a week.
HairMax may be used by itself or in conjunction with treatments.

LaserComb achieves over 90% user satisfaction
User satisfaction is very high! In the hair related industry, we believe this is one of the highest user satisfaction indicators of any product. User feedback Lexington has collected to date suggests that more than 90% of users achieve some positive benefits and results. In general, about 45% of users see noticeable indications of benefits from use of the LaserComb within the first 6 weeks. Another 45% realize indications from 6 to 12 weeks and 10% see subtle improvements after 12 weeks.

Safe and Gentle

The low-level laser light used in the LaserComb complies with the FDA requirements for laser safety.  The ‘cold-beam’ affects only your hair and you achieve benefits without any worrying side effects.

Current Clinical Studies
Nationally and internationally there is a great amount of enthusiasm for the potential of low-level laser for hair. We currently are undergoing a scientific clinical study in which we will be presenting the data to the FDA for additional claims. We have great confidence in the success of the trial.

High Powered Medical Lasers compared to Low Level 'Photo' Lasers

There are two types of lasers. High-powered lasers are used in science and medicine. High-powered lasers generate heat that can be used in surgery and or other materials. Low Level 'Photo' Lasers use light energy and do not give off heat. They work by a process known as PhotoBioStimulation and does not have any adverse side effects.


The LaserComb is an economical way to have thicker, fuller hair
The LaserComb is a rugged, precision built instrument with a laser module that has an estimated life of 5000-15,000 hours. By using the LaserComb 10-20 minutes per week, realistic lifespan is over 10+ years. Compare the one-time cost of a LaserComb to ongoing costs for other hair treatments and you’ll see how the LaserComb is much more economical over the years.

The sooner, the better!

Over time, hair follicles can weaken and hair growth can deteriorate. The sooner you start treatment, the better. So act now and start energizing your hair today with the LaserComb!