CO2 Surgical Lasers      15W  25W         


The CO2 Laser Surgical System Model ML15 (erect 15W ) is  intelligent CO2 laser medical devices developed lately by our corporation.
       The unit is featured by excellent design, compact structure, elegant appearance, reliable performance, convenient operating. Its technical specification has achieved the international advanced standard.

System modes: continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse, super pulse. Output power is adjustable from 0.5W~15W continuously. The treatment is used to cure surface disease of face while causing less damage. It holds good for beauty culture.
Aiming beam: Red pilot beam of 2mW diode laser. The unit can clear up the focus of a disease exactly while causing less damage to tissue around.
The unit is a new type of intelligent laser medical devices which is controlled by microprocessor program, applying light-touching thin-film switch and the function of power alternation. The unit is especially added power feedback system which makes power output of laser beam accurate.
Laser beam delivery system is composed of light 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm, which can be operated conveniently.
Output power and irradiating time can be read directly from digital faceplate which provides correct data for doctor's clinical material. The handpiece has many types which can be used in different clinical treatment such as cutting, burning, vaporizing, solidifying. Among these handpieces, there is a lank one applied in otolaryngology. It can reach deep into nasal cavity and guttural inner to resect or vaporize the focus of a disease.
It can be used in patient room, beauty house and private clinic for its dexterous volume, light weight, convenience carry 15W and flexibility compactness 25W


Sealed-off laser technology
CW. pulse & super pulse operation modes
Touching switch, micro-processor controlled, alpahnumeric message display
7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
Pilot beam of 2mW diode laser
Safety protecting with alarming automatically



Laser type

Sealed off, DC-excited C02 laser





Power to tissue


Laser operation modes

CW, Pulse, Super pulse

Tissue exposure modes

Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse

Super pulse peak power


Aiming beam

2mW pilot beam (650nm)

Delivery system

7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm

Working radius


Cooling system

Closed loop liquid


Microprocessor controlled


2 years

Electrical input

AC 220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)



General Surgery:

haemangioma, adipoma, steatoma, rectal cancer

Oral Surgery:

epulis, buccal haemangioma, mucous cyst, lichen planus


aurical vegetation, nosal tumour and tumour of paranasal simus, benign tumour of oropharynx, gular haemangioma, vocal polyp, laryngocarcinoma, chronic pharyagitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic laryngitis


meatus urinarious condyloma, redundant prepuce, caruncle of urethra, polyp of penis


myoma of uterus, cervical erosion, cervical polyp, vagina condyloma


wart, common wart, venereal wart, herpes labialis, herpes zoster, nevus pigmentosa, cutaneous malignant tumour


dispel wrinkle tache, stains of face, nevus, vegetation and underarm oduour