SkinStation  Intense Pulsed light 

3 Head with Integrated Coolng

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) of special spectrum results in heat and photochemistry action, which could rearrange the collagen fiber of the dermis, thus recovering the elasticity and which could boost the function of deep vessel and improve the circulation achieving the diminishing or eliminting of wrinkle, lessening the pore
Hair removal         ---   690nm~1200nm  
Skin rejuvenation ---   560nm~1200nm  
Vessel removal    ---   400nm~1200nm
Acne Treatment   ---   400nm~1200nm
Energy density   10J/cm2~50J/cm2  
Pulse width   5ms~30ms  
Spot size   40mm ×  8mm  
Display   LCD touching screen  
Counter   Counted by each separate single computer  
Frequency   0.5Hz  
Spot size   IPL cooling gel  
Dimension   440mm×500mm×800mm  
Power supply   220/110V single phase 15A 50/60Hz  
Weight   65kg  
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