Nd Yag Surgical Lasers 

Proven Laser for Asian Skins


Upto tree wavelenghts are available : 1064 nm (Nd:YAG), 755 nm (Alexandrite) and 532 nm (Nd:YAG)

Variable pulse-width YAG and Alexandrite medical laser systems ensure treatments for plastic and vascular appliances.Variable pulse duration allows to match the size of the vessels. Selective absorption is provided using tree different wavelengths. The lasers are fully microcomputer controlled. 

Application Hair Removal  Leg          Veins     Vascular Lesions
Laser  Alexandrite Nd:YAG Long Pulse Nd : YAG Long Pulse Nd : YAG 
Wavelenghts 755 nm 1064 nm 1064 (IR) 532 nm Green
Pulse width  2 - 30 ms 2 - 60 ms 2 - 60 ms 2 - 30ms
Max energy  30 J 40 J  30 J 3 J
Spot size 8-10-12 mm 6-8-10 mm 4-6-8 mm 2-4-6 mm
Max fluence 60 J/cm2 140 J/cm2 240 J/cm2 30 J/cm2
Repetition rate 0.5,1,2 Hz 0.5, 1, 2 Hz 0.5, 1 Hz 0.5, 1 Hz

Nd Yag laser for Hair Removal is the newest generation solid-state laser with long pulse duration, high efficiency and strong output energy. Energy of laser can be selectively absorbed by melanin of hair follicles. Then the temperature of hair follicles can reach a very high level. Hair follicles and hair stem cells are destroyed and growth is inhibited.

Nd Yag  laser can quickly and efficiently eliminates hair from armpit, leg, antebrachium, chest, beard and bikini line, etc


Laser Type: Nd: YAG solid state laser
Wavelength: 1064nm
Single pulse energy: ~20J
Energy Density: 70J/cm2
Duration (WIDTH): 10~60ns
Spot Size: 6mm
Pulse Duration: 2ms~20ms
Pulse Repetition Rate: 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 3Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz
Cooling Method: Closed-loop de-ionized distilled water cycle.
Power Supply: 220V /10A
Ullage of Optical Fiber Transmission: ≤20