Our momentum comes not just from the growth we pursue, but from the transformation that ...

Federalism is no longer the fault line of Centre-State relations, but the ... The progress of India is the destiny of one-sixth of humanity

Advising companies how to increase revenues & reduce costs by leveraging the economies of Asia, specifically India/ China.

Providing expert help to find, evaluate, select and manage Vendors.
Negotiating win win deals with India/ Asia  and avoiding cross cultural conflicts

Sourcing from India / China  Sourcing from India / China

Expert help to find, evaluate, select and manage vendors. Seasoned, sane advice to set up your own operation or a joint venture.  


Marketing to IndiaMarketing to India    

Create unique opportunities for companies of all sizes.


Business in IndiaBusiness with India

Negotiating win-win deals with India and Asia. Avoiding cross cultural conflict. Risk mitigation at all levels. Lessons learned.