We provide you a Strategic Sourcing Process

Our product /design staff examines your (RFQ) specifications and/or product sample(s).  

2-4 weeks later, our account representative will provide you

with a detailed quote from engineering to delivery.


Quotation Process                                         

The quotation process is the most crucial step in the order process. At this important stage we require your product specifications, blueprints, and/or samples.
Our engineers will examine the samples and documentation thoroughly and resolve any questions, We will forward your quote to our carefully selected and screened factories. Within two (2) weeks or shorter we will forward your in depth product quotation with tooling costs quoted as a separate line item.

Many of our customers have become accustomed to the appreciable savings realized through us. Our secret is our ability to negotiate knowledgeably face-to-face with our Asian manufacturing partners. Our status as a long-term customers encourage our manufacturer's to quote remarkably low, competitive pricing levels.

Other important information:

When you buy from us you're buying from an established  company, not from some unknown foreign factory.
Our Quotations include all shipping and duty costs, importation document preparation, etc. Your company never gets involved in the complex process of importing products from overseas. We  handle the importation process.

We signs a partnership agreement with your company promising to supply the products you need at the agreed upon prices and terms.

We provides a sample for your approval based up a P.O. for the tooling and there after production.

Tooling Process

Many projects require either mold preparation or customized tooling. We work closely with each of our factories during this crucial step. Our quality engineers observe each phase of the tooling or
mold production to insure that your exacting specifications are adhered to in every minute detail. Your very important mold or tool is constantly checked and rechecked under our state-of-the-art Quality Processes until complete.


Production Process

A pre-determined delivery schedule is established to facilitate timely shipping and delivery. As soon as your tooling is approved and the purchase order is received, the production of your product can begin. First, we do the production test run.
Next, we run a small run-at-rate batch to test our capability to manufacture your part. Only when these two runs are satisfactorily completed, do we commence with the first actual part production run.

We  require every production run to adhere rigidly to your specifications, and exhibit a uniformly high level of quality. Your company will never see the rejected parts that inevitably occur during this production process, because they never make it past our ten-step quality check process.

The initial part production of higher volume runs will take between 2-4 weeks to complete. We  will work closely with your company to establish a part production schedule that will allow your company to have the parts it needs when it needs them, while maintaining the smallest possible onsite inventory.

We arrange final delivery to your facility or warehousing at our location as per our partnership agreement.

Shipping & Logistics Processes

The right packaging insures your part arrives to its destination in perfect condition. In addition, perfectly designed packaging can avoid wasted time and money when required for your use. We use only the best quality cardboard and packaging materials for your part's packaging. We encourage your design ideas and requirements during the package design process. The following information is absolutely necessary to insure proper packaging:

Number of parts per bag (if required)
Number of bags per carton
Size of carton
Weight of carton
Labeling of cartons
Number and arrangement of cartoons per pallet
Maximum pallet weight
Labeling of pallet

Once your parts are ready for shipment, we monitors the shipping logistics process.

Delivery to Your Loading Dock:

We arrange for all surface transportation right to your loading dock. Your company just takes delivery of your product when you need it, your copies of the required documentation included.